Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Arc of Patience to Freedom & Thought

Mr. E. Joppy!
I am sorry - n
o thank you!

NYC Studios - 9/11/09

Photos:(l to r)

  • Photo 1: R e m i n i s c i n g !

  • Photo 2: The feeling to be free! - Be me! Nice action shot! Hair in the wind..beads in motion!

  • Photo 3: The "serious look" - talk to me!

  • Photo 4: "Off in the distance thought." Nice!

  • Photo 5: Focusing on the inner being ... Self!

Interesting & Intriguing positions - Deep!

In the "Zebra Yellow" you are looking at Sabina M. With zeal, she appeals.

Just lovely!

In black, we have Barbara, an Texan doing her thing in the NYC. A very confident and determined model with profound aspiration and accurate movement.

Great Job!
Simple Beauty!

The Bahamian Waters

"The model is quite catching. You don't have to take a second look, she captures your attention, along with the pose, and the depth in the color, the tones, adds to it" Mr. Kemp, Nassau Bahamas.

This image was taken in our NYC Studio on 9/7/09. The styling, make- up and hair was done my the Artist Phillip O'Rourke. The model is Marie of Yonkers, NY Much thanks and appreciation to each.